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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Best website everyone should check before joining new company

Best website everyone should check before joining new company
Best website everyone should check before joining new companyBest website everyone should check before joining new company

Everybody want a happy job switch over, specially those who are married and have lots of responsibilities on their shoulder.

Around a year back I came across this site and I found this website a great online free tool for every working professionals. 

This helps us find inside and outside information about almost all of the companies. 

The reviews posted on this company review site are anonymous and posted by company employees itself. 

This site give company employees a powerful tool to speak about their and let everyone know about good and bad things.

The company review website name is Glassdoor.com

Here the list of benefits this website provides to every working professional.

1: Salary information: With this site you will know how much salary company paying for different roles. You have options like salary by job, salary by city, salary by company.

2: Interview Questions and Answers: You will interview preparation help.

3: Company rating and CEO rating.

4: Employee satisfaction rating.

5: Find top companies.

6: Find top company for balance work and personal life.

7: Latest job openings in company

8: Company news, videos, stock market status

This company review website (Glassdoor.com) has earned MSNBC, Forbes, etc. awards.

Author : Pankaj // 15:54

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