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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Best Note taking utility ever

Best Note taking utility ever
Best Note taking utility everI want to share one of best and free note taking software called NotePad++, I have been using this since last 2+ years and its fantastic product.

Click here to download latest version of NotePad++
I cover up all my needs to take notes, organize my various notes files.

15+ benefits of using NotePad++

1. Faster Google Search
   2. Easier navigation between multiple notepad files and Open all Notepad file in a single console.
   3. Spell check for accuracy 
4. Auto complete of most commonly words used by user
   5. Selecting text line is easier and faster
   6. Drawing line is quick and fast
   7. Hyperlink works in NotePad++
   8. Find in all file feature (Search for any text in any text file )
   9. Incremental Search
   10. Auto save, Undo, Redo
   12. Background can be changed, Text coloring
   13. Recent file list.
   14. Changing the text line alignment all together - by selecting lines and pressing tab key
   15. Press F4 key to find repeating things.
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Author : Pankaj // 15:32

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