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Friday, 25 May 2012

Best mobile app everyone must have

Best mobile app everyone must have
TrueCaller: It is one of the best online contact system which works great. This app is free and works on almost all the phones. This app offers following features.

1. Automatically address book update: Whenever your friend changes their address, phone you will get notified and your phone updates changes automatically. No manual intervention is required.

2. Automatically block Unwanted caller: Do you get marketing\promotional calls, anonymous call, let TrueCaller block calls automatically for you.

3. Be updated Socially: Whenever you call any of your friend see what's latest going on in their life.

4. Know the caller before picking-up call: With TrueCaller you will always know from where, from whom the call is, so now you now from whom the call is.

Download TrueCaller for your mobile.

Author : Pankaj // 16:49

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