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Friday, 11 May 2012

Best Home Buying check list

Best Home Buying check list. Things to check before buying a home
Best Home Buying check list 
Things to check before buying a home
Buying home is a life time decision so we should take almost everything into consideration. I am sharing check list to buy home anywhere in the world.

Here are check list when you are going to buy home.

- Buy a Home\Flat in a group, this mean buy home together with your friends\colleague so that you all will live together to help each other and also save some good amount on buying home. You would save in between 10%-20 on buying home.
- Is it approved by some authority, like in Mumbai we have CIDCO Authority.
- Main facility availability (Railway Station\Bus Stop, School, College, Hospital, Bank, Garden, Mall)
- Neighbours and overall public (Life Style, Richness)
- Parking area (Bike\Car)
- Loading area, Carpet area.
- Bank loan procedure
- Costs other than quoted per square feet rate. Few of costs like floor rise, parking, stamp duty and registration are fairly well-known.
- Builder and Agent goodwill, past project, reviews.
- Availability- Water, Electricity, Security Guard
- The look and shape of the building
- The ratio of super area:built-in area, quality of material used within the apartment.
- What will be available\Internal look of the flat.
- Are most of the flats being bought by investors?
- Does the building has earthquake resistance?
- Read agreement carefully.
- Do not go with anything verbal, have it written signed
- Maintenance expenses
- Read other peoples experience on buying on flats, problem they have faced.

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Author : Pankaj // 18:27

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