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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

5 Things to remember in online banking

5 Things to remember in online banking
5 Things to remember in online banking5 Things to remember in online banking

Following these simple best practices to secure your online banking, you will be risk free.

1: Never make any transaction or access bank website in cyber cafe.

2: Never use proxy server for online banking.

3: Make sure that it is original site and not fake by looking at the the SSL shield LOCK icon as mentioned below. add screenshot.

4: Use Virtual Keyboard to enhance net banking security.

5: Double check to whom you are paying, check correct name, a/c number, if recharging mobile double check the number as bank do not take any responding of incorrect transaction due to your error and don't return you back the money which got debited due error caused by you.

5 Things to remember in online banking
Wish you Happy online banking!!!

Bonus Tips:

1: Ensure that URL Address in address bar starts with HTTPS:// , if you have ICICI Online banking then the URL would like https://infinity.icicibank.co.in. please note this URL might get changed in future by ICICI BANK.

2: If you see any pop-up window, do not enter any information at all. If you find something suspicious report it immediately to your bank.

You may want to read security tips provided by ICICI : ICICI Safe Banking Tips

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